A Life of Wisdom

Life is a game, just like a game of chess. The rules of the game of life were set by God. And you can't play unless you know

On Sunday we will be starting a new sermons series, "A Life of Wisdom", drawn from the Book of Proverbs. Over the next four weeks, we will be looking at some of the rules that God has established. We ignore them at our own peril.

This week, we will talk about how God has established a God-given order to the Universe. When we try to substitute our own order for God's, we pay a high price.

We will also talk about how we need to instruct one another in God's way. This has significance for both the generation that is established and the generation that is coming into being. The elders need to be intentional in sharing God's wisdom with the next generation. No one is discipled by simply breathing the air. And the younger generation needs to invest effort into seeking wisdom. Their effort will be rewarded.

Lastly, the key verse from our Sunday lesson is: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom." It feels a little strong to us twenty-first century people, who, if we believe in God at all, want him to be warm and fuzzy. But that's what the Bible tells us. If we start to build our lives anywhere but with the reverence for God, we will be doomed to fail, as a house built on a bad foundation will eventually collapse. Reverence for the Lord, respect for the Lord, honor for the Lord, fear of the Lord. That is the beginning of a life of wisdom.

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