All the Nations of the Earth Blessed

Will you trust God?

In the Bible, the patriarch Abraham was promised great things from God. And quickly, he was in danger of losing it all. At that moment, Abraham was challenged with the question, would he trust God?

God has promised you great things as well, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes the realization only comes when you are on the edge of losing everything. Somewhere, maybe in the back of your mind, you have an idea that God has promised you a number of years on the earth, and perhaps some level of security, and perhaps a happy family, and perhaps the opportunity to do something important with your life. When one or more of these things fail to happen, and you feel cheated or betrayed, or bitter, you realize that a promise has been broken. It is then that the challenge to Abraham is also the challenge that is put to you. Will you trust God?

At times it can feel like God is working against us. At times it can feel like God is working against his own interests. God puts us to the test, to see if we will still trust him.

Centuries later, a descendant of Abraham, Jesus, was killed and raised back to life by the power of God. In Jesus, all of God's promises were ultimately fulfilled, not only for Jesus, or Abraham, or any one people, but for all nations.

In our sermon on Sunday, we will look at the story of Abraham. We will see how God's promises have been fulfilled for all nations. And we will ask you the question, "Will you trust God?"

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