Daniel in the Lions' Den

Daniel is a Bible hero. He refused to stop praying to God, even when he knew his enemies were plotting to use his devotion as a pretext for arresting and executing him. Read Daniel 6 for the full story. Daniel is a model for us of integrity.

We would do well to have the integrity of Daniel. Integrity means always doing the right thing. Integrity means doing what we should whether everyone is watching or no one is watching. Integrity means we trust that if we do God's will, everything will work out alright.

We would also do well to have the spirit of Daniel. When Daniel emerged from a night in the lion's den, he cheerfully called to the king who threw him in, "O king, live forever." Daniel was cool. He was chill. He wasn't angry or bitter, not even towards those who did him harm. He could afford to be pleasant, because he was confident. The confidence of integrity.

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