Do Well by Doing Good.

Everybody wants to be a success. Maybe you want to be the best in your field. Maybe you want to build a business. Maybe you want to make sure you don't fail as a parent. Maybe you want to be a good follower of Jesus. Everybody wants to succeed in something. There is nothing wrong with that. But you don't want to succeed by sacrificing your morals. And you don't want to succeed apart from your values, as if success and ethics were unrelated. You want to do well by doing good.

What do we mean by doing good? Doing good is obeying the word of God as found in the Bible. To do good is to live as God has instructed. We still hold to our core belief in salvation by faith through grace. We are saved by what God has done for us through the cross of Jesus Christ, not by our own efforts. Nonetheless, the Bible tells us that our lives go better when we live according to God's word.

We are more likely to achieve success, however we define success, when we live in accordance with God's will. That doesn't mean we won't have trouble. It doesn't mean we will grow wealthy. But over the long haul, we profit by living in accordance to the rules God has established. It's a concept that scales, as they say. It's true for each one of us. If's true for the largest corporations. We do well by doing good.

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