God's Plan for Families

God has a plan for families, and families are at the heart of God's plan.

The Bible tells us that at the beginning, God created humankind in his image; male and female he created them. God didn't bring individuals to life, and then gather them into families somewhere down the road. From the very start, families were part of God's plan for the entire world.

God uses families for the redemption of his creation. When God saw that the world was fallen and in need of repair, God did not create a corporation for the purpose, or lean upon a government program. God used families like Noah and his kin, Abraham and Sarah and their children, and Moses and his siblings. Finally, to restore the universe once and for all, God kept the job in his family, and sent his son. Nepotism, in the highest order. God uses families to redeem his creation.

If we hope to save the world, there is no more effective strategy for churches than to strengthen families. In our sermon on Sunday, we begin a four part sermon series, "All in the Family," with a message, "God's Plan for Families."

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