Grace is one of the core values of Integrity Church. That is no surprise, because grace is central to the Christian faith. At the heart of what we believe is our trust in the grace of God that has come to us through the cross of Jesus Christ.

We are saved by grace. Grace is a free gift. Grace is undeserved, unmerited favor. God has claimed us as his deeply beloved sons and daughters, redeemed us from sin, and given us a new future. A mother or a father would not love their child only when the child met their expectations. God does not love us only when we meet his expectations. Before we do anything, and no matter what we have done, we are saved by grace.

Saved by grace, we are thus equipped to extend grace to other people. We can be patient and forgiving, for we know what it is like to have our faults overlooked. We can give grace to others because we know that grace, along with truth, is what people need to become mature, healthy followers of Jesus, to become the men and women God created them to be. The grace we have received makes us gracious.

This Sunday in worship we conclude our sermon series, "Working on our Core - the core values of Integrity Church," with a discussion of grace.

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