Grace Abounds

I don't mean to be contrary, but while we need grace in this crazy year 2020, that is no means exceptional we need grace every year.

Let's start the discussion by acknowledging that for most of us, grace is never our first choice. We would rather be self-sufficient. We would rather not need help. We would rather not need mercy and forgiveness. We accept it, especially when we need it. But as a rule, grace is not our first choice.

It is not the same with God. God's first choice is grace. That is why God created the world the way he did. Was God surprised when Adam and Eve in the garden disobeyed his command? Hardly? God know us, better than we know ourselves. God knew we would need grace. And so God had Jesus ready, before the world was even made. God knew that grace was needed, not as an afterthought, but as part of his plan. God's first cchoice is grace. God's identity is grace.

This Sunday is our message, we will wrap our our sermon series, "The Riches of His Grace," by looking at how the year 2020 is and is not exceptional. In our eyes, it is. In the eyes of God, it is not. This year, as every year, we need grace.

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