Grace Where You Don't Expect It

There are places where, when you go, you expect grace. There are other places where, when you go, you don't expect grace. Sometimes you expect grace but find it absent. Other times, you don't expect grace, but find it in unexpected places.

We are living through a difficult time. We have problems we could not have anticipated. We have made plans that have not worked out. We could use a little grace. Fortunately for us, we have a gracious God, eager to bless us, eager to help us. The trick for us is to look for grace in places where we don't expect it.

The prophet Jeremiah wrote, "The people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness." His reference is to the Exodus from Egypt, 800 years before his time, when God sustained his people on their forty year pilgrimage across the desert. He might just as well have been talking about his own day, when the Babylonian army was poised to destroy his city. And he may well have been speaking to us.

Some of us are looking to the past, wishing for a return to February, when things were normal, compared to today. Others of us are looking to the future, waiting for this all to be over. Let's take a lesson from Jeremiah. Let's see if we can find some signs of grace right where we are, in the wilderness of 2020.

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