Hear and Help

Why make things more complicated than necessary? The life to which we are called consists of two things, hearing and helping. We hear the word of God, and we help others.

Any faith that we have is a gift of God. Our faith is not an achievement on our part. It is a blessing that comes from the Lord. When we thank God for all we have received, we should include our faith in that list. The faith we receive comes most often through hearing the word of God. The Lord is sovereign and can choose any method he desires to give us faith. He can use our experience and emotions, our disappointments and defeats. He can work through people he places in our lives. Most frequently, however, he works through his word recorded in Scripture, passed down the generations.

When we have heard the word of God and come to faith, our response is to help. We may find ourselves doing great things. More likely, we find ourselves doing small things in service of a great cause. The assortment of ways people help in the life of a church is representative of the kinds of work which God calls us. Some people set up and take down signs. Some people make the coffee and bake the cookies. Some people print bulletins and send emails. Some people set up chairs. And more chairs. The important point is that we do what we do, great or small, we do it for God. We don't merely hear. We also help.

This Sunday in church we will look at the Bible story of Lydia. The Bible tells us that God put it into her heart to listen to the words that the Apostle Paul was teaching. Once she heard, she devoted her life to helping.

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