How to Worship Online

We've learned many things over the past few months. Among them: we can go to church online! We can sing, pray, preach, take communion, and give our offering from the convenience of our home, watching on our desktop or laptop or tablet or phone. And it appears that many of us are going to continue to be worshiping online for the foreseeable future. Now that we know we can do it, it's time to think about how to do it well. How do we create the conditions that make our online worship, worship?

  1. Focus. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by other things going on in the room. If you wouldn't talk, or get up to get something to eat, or check your messages in church (maybe you do!), don't do it when worshiping online.

  2. Show up on time. Treat worship like a scheduled event, not an on-demand program. Don't pause and re-start. Pay attention. And dress for the event. Wear what you would wear to church. The more you respect the experience, the more you will benefit.

  3. Give. Your church likely has an online giving mechanism. They are safe and secure. If you prefer to mail in a check, go ahead. Your church has extra expenses these days for the equipment they had to purchase to go online. And as we said in the previous item, you will benefit more as you participate more.

  4. Serve. Church has always been more than a spectator sport. We are called to use our time and talents as well as our treasure to move the mission of the church forward. Online worship can make us feel passive. There is still work to do at the church. It just isn't the same work as before. Check with your pastor and leaders to see how you can serve.

  5. And that's how to worship online.

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