Human Being

Why did Jesus die? Let's start with the simplest, most obvious answer. Jesus died because he was a human being, and all human beings die. That is the one thing we all have in common.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was fully human and fully divine. Not half man and half God. Not human on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and divine on Tuesday and Thursday. Jesus was always fully human and fully divine. He experienced everything that people experience. Including dying.

Because Jesus experienced death, he also experienced something else all people experience: powerlessness. The passion predictions tell us that Jesus was handed over to his enemies. He found himself at the mercy of people who had no mercy. We would all like to have control over our lives. Some have more power than others, but all of us, sooner or later, succumb to the power of death. Jesus, in this way, was like the rest of us.

Over the next three Sundays we are going to be looking at why Jesus died. On March 14, we begin with the simplest reason: because he was a human being.

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