Lead People to Jesus

We need Jesus. Our nation needs Jesus. This weekend we celebrate Independence Day and think about our nation. It is a great country, but we do have issues. We have economic justice issues. We have racial issues. We have immigration issues. We have issues of personal morality. The solution to our problems is for men and women to grow into mature, healthy followers of Jesus. We need Jesus.

We need Jesus for the issues of the day and we need Jesus for the issues of our lives. Our fears, our insecurities, our guilt, our difficulty getting along with other people: Jesus speaks to them all.

In our sermon this Sunday we are going to look at Philip, one of Jesus' disciples. Philip introduced Nathanael to Jesus. Philip knew that Nathanael was looking for something, and he made the introduction. That's all it took. No arguments. No elaborate explanations or complicated philosophy. Just an introduction to Jesus.

Maybe you have a Nathanael. Maybe you know someone who needs Jesus. All it takes is an introduction. For the issues of the day, and the issues of our lives, we all need Jesus.

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