We are set free in Jesus Christ. The one true God, the God of the Bible, created all things and called them good. He created each of us, men and women, in his holy image. But we disobeyed God, and sin and death entered the world. Instead of living as sons and daughters of the Most High God, free to enjoy God and glorify him forever, we found ourselves enslaved to sin, enslaved to our lower nature, enslaved to self-destructive ways. Instead of loving other people as brothers and sisters who are also children of God, we regarded them as enemies and competitors. We were afraid of them, jealous of them, angry at them. We wished them ill. Even as we saw how futile our way was, there didn't seem to be anything we could do about it. We were trapped in the ways of the world. We were trapped in our sin. But God sent Jesus Christ to set us free, to die for our sin, to liberate us from our futile ways, to allow us to reclaim once again our identity as children of God. We have been set free to grow into the men and women God created us to be. We have set free from our hurts and habits and hang-ups to pursue our highest ideals and aspirations. We have been set free to see others not as irritants or obstacles but as companions walking the same path we are. We are set free in Jesus Christ.

This Sunday in church we will look at the Letter to Philemon, with its story about Onesimus, and we will talk about how Jesus sets us free.

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