Three questions. First, can you count on people, or will people eventually let you down? Second, can you rely on God for your future, or are you on your own? Third, are the first two questions separate questions, or are they really the same question twice?

In our sermon this Sunday we will be talking about the Book of Ruth. The Book of Ruth is perhaps the most lovely book in the Bible. The heroine is a woman who sacrifices everything out of loyalty to her extended family. It is admirable behavior, and it leads to a happy ending. Everyone in the story lives happily ever after.

The more interesting character in the story is not Ruth, who does everything right, but her mother-in-law Naomi. Naomi has suffered much, and she has become cynical and bitter. She has come to the conclusion that her life has no future.

On Sunday we will look at how Naomi comes to believe once again that you can count on people, and that you can rely on the steadfast love of God for your future.

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