You are a deeply beloved, fully redeemed child of the Most High God. You were known to God since before God laid the foundations of the earth. God made you for a purpose. Your life matters.

In the Bible there is a concept called "predestination." Predestination is described fully in the first chapter of the Letter to the Ephesians. It is also mentioned in the Letter to the Romans and the Second Letter to the Thessalonians. We are told that God has chosen, or predestined, believers for eternal salvation. It doesn't happen by chance, and it's nothing that they earn. We are predestined by God.

The idea of predestination is often misunderstood and sometimes mocked. Some will facetiously apply it to the smallest of details, as in "I was predestined to eat this piece of chocolate cake." The Biblical idea is much bigger than that. Predestination deals with your God given identity and your eternal destiny.

In our sermon this Sunday we will look at the idea of predestination. We will see what it means for us as individuals, and what it means for us as a human family.

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