Pride goes before the fall

What could go wrong? These are words that can lead to disaster. There is always something that can go wrong.

The ancients tell us that there are seven deadly sins: anger, envy, greed, gluttony, lust, sloth, and pride. Pride is the worst. Pride is the foundation of all the other sins.

When we say, "Pride goes before the fall", we are not talking about taking delight in your accomplishments. It is important to feel competent, to have a sense of being able to do things well. And when we say, "Pride goes before the fall", we are not talking about feeling good about the achievements of family and friends. Every boy and girl needs to hear their mother or father say, at some point, "I am proud of you."

When we say, "Pride goes before the fall", what we mean is the feeling that we have no need for God. It is the belief that we are indestructible, invulnerable, bullet-proof. It is the conviction that we don't need God, because we can handle everything ourselves.

This Sunday, we will look at the saying, "Pride goes before the fall." And we will talk about how keeping our eyes upon Jesus, the One who always knew his need for God, is the remedy for the problems that come through pride.

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