Proclaim the Gospel

As a church, we do many things that other organizations do, but there is one purpose that is ours alone, and it happens to be the most important thing we do. Our only priority is to proclaim the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.

We can't proclaim the gospel if we do not understand what it is. As with many religious concepts, there is often a lot of imprecision. Allow me to offer this: the gospel of salvation is the message of the new life God has given us through the death of his Son, Jesus Christ, forgiving our sins, and giving us a second chance for this life along with the promise of eternity.

Three further points bear mentioning:

  1. The gospel is a distinct, counter-cultural Christian message. It is not mere common sense nor is it what everyone believes. The world always has resisted the gospel of salvation. To believe and proclaim the gospel is to stand apart.

  2. Proclaiming the gospel requires persistence. People are receptive to the good news of salvation only at certain points in their life. Most people will not come to believe all at once, but only over a lengthy period of time. Successful sharing of the gospel, in the words of the Apostle Paul, demands persistence "whether the time is favorable or unfavorable.

  3. The gospel message of salvation is not only important but also urgent. The world will come to an end. Our lives will come to an end. We don't have unlimited time to make a decision. We can't delay a response indefinitely. This is the time to make your decision for Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series that we will call "Working on Our Core." For the next six Sundays, we will look at the core values that define Integrity Church. We begin with our mission statement, our call to proclaim the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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