Remember Where You Came From

Everybody wants to be a success. We want to be successful in our families, in our work, and in the contribution we make to the world around us. Nobody wants to be a failure. However, there is something worse than failing, and that is succeeding, and then throwing it all away, by forgetting where our success came from.

After the people of Israel completed their forty year journey across the wilderness to the land that the Lord was giving them, they spent a considerable stretch of time waiting just outside their new homeland. The Lord used that time to prepare them. He told them that they needed to behave correctly if they hoped to keep their new home. The Lord said it was a rich land, with all the food and natural resources they could want, but if they forgot that it was the Lord who gave them the land, and turned away from him, they would lose the land.

This Sunday in worship we will look at the story of the people of Israel, and what that story means to us. We will talk about what happens when we achieve our goals but forget the Lord who brought us success. We will look at what might happen to our nation if we collectively forget the blessings we have from the Lord. We will see the importance of remembering where we came from.

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