"I don't get no respect," said Rodney Dangerfield. A lot of people feel that way. Many of the problems of the world are caused by a lack of respect. Respect is a core value of Integrity Church. This Sunday we are going to look at I Peter 2:13-17 and talk about what the Bible has to teach about respect.

The Bible says that we are to respect institutions. Any human institution, whether it be the government or schools or the church is going to be flawed, but God uses our flawed institutions for his eternal purposes.

The Bible says that we are to respect people. Every person is made in the image of God. Every person is someone for whom Christ died. Every person is worthy of respect.

The Bible says that we are to respect God, above all. Honor God. Worship God. Fear God. Respect God. All the honor we give to individuals and organizations in this world are, the Bible says, "For the Lord's sake." We respect people and institutions in this world, because in so doing we respect and honor God.

In our sermon this Sunday we will look at what this world would look like if we all got some respect.

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