What's the best way to fix the problems of the world? The best way to fix the problems of the world is to change the lives of individual men and women. The Bible tells us that God's plan to fix the world is to take people who are dead in sin and make them alive in Christ. God's plan is to revive us.

Before we know Christ, we find ourselves subject to other powers. We submit to the values of the age. We are controlled by forces that do not have our interests at heart.

Once we know Christ, we are revived. We focus on God, who is rich in mercy. We are joined with Christ, who raises us up. Sometimes the Bible uses complex words like salvation and sanctification and justification and redemption, but the simple truth is that through what God has done in Jesus, we are made alive again.

In our sermon this Sunday we will look God's plan to fix the world, reviving men and women, making them alive with Christ.

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