The Abundant Life

How is your life going? Are you having the life you want to have? Are you having the life you think you should have had? Are you having the life that God wants you to have? If not, then ask yourself: what would that life be, that life that you want to have, that life that you should have, that life that God intended you to have? How would that life be different from the life you are currently living? And what could you do to get that life?

In the Gospel of John, Jesus talks about the abundant life. It's the life that God wants us to have. It is a life that is more than simply getting by, or settling for less than we should. It's the life that offers both security and freedom. It's the life that is everlasting, beginning right now and stretching into eternity.

In our sermon on Sunday, April 26, we are going to talk about the abundant life. We are going to look at what Jesus did, so that you can have the life you really want. And we are going to look at how you can honor and make the most of this gift, this life, that Jesus wants to give to you.

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