The challenge of following Jesus

It has been said that 90% of success is just showing up. While there is some wisdom in that saying, the truth is that more than merely showing up is required. Some training is also necessary for success.

In the Bible, training is called discipline, and those who have taken on discipline are called disciples. Those who want to follow Jesus are disciples, men and women who intentional submit to discipline for the purpose of being effective followers of Jesus, continuing his mission in the world.

Disciples of Jesus take it one step further. Once they are disciples, they accept the responsibility to make disciples. They train in order that they may train others. The challenge of following Jesus is thus twofold. First, we are challenged to follow Jesus, not merely learn about Jesus or agree with Jesus. We are live our lives as Jesus would live them. Second, we are challenged to influence more people to follow Jesus.

This Sunday in worship we will conclude our sermon series, "The New Testament Challenge." We will look at the Bible story we call "The Great Commission," and consider what it means when Jesus challenges us to follow him.

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