The Complete Life

Chances are, you have a list. Whether you have written it down, or not, you have a list of the things you want to do in your life. You may have been very intentional in composing your list. You may have items on your list that are simply assumed, and you don't even realize they are on the list, until they don't happen. If you check most of the items off your life's list, you are likely to be content. If you leave too many items unchecked, you are likely to be resentful and depressed.

Jesus had a list. Jesus' list came from God. Jesus methodically and courageously checked the items off the list God gave him, up to and including the cross. Then Jesus said, "It is finished", and he gave his spirit back to God.

Our sermon this Sunday is titled "The Complete Life." We will look at the items Jesus has checked off our list, the items we could not take care of ourselves. Then we will look at how Jesus has freed us to check the rest of the items off our list. We will see how Jesus gives us the complete life.

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