The Family Church

The little church in the painting was a family church. It took me a year to discover that fact. When I graduated from seminary, my first appointment was to two churches, a town church and a country church. The entire congregation of the country church could, and did, fit in the back two pews, half on each side of the center aisle. Only after a full year as their pastor did I realize that all the people on the north side of the aisle were members of one extended family, and all the people on the south side of the aisle were members of another extended family. It was, literally, a family church.

There is another kind of family church. That would be the family that helps its members develop their relationship with God. Some families do it intentionally, through prayer time and Bible reading and conversations on spiritual issues. All families do it unintentionally, through the way they understand their history and the way they model grace.

Our sermon topic this Sunday is "The Family Church." We are going to look at how our relationship with God is the most important thing in our life, and how the family is the most important factor in shaping that relationship.

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