The New Testament Challenge

We challenge you to read the New Testament! What's more, we challenge you to start now. The goal is to complete a reading of all 27 books of the New Testament by November 22. Look for more details at

Why the New Testament Challenge?

Because of who we are. We are a people of the book. Actually, we are a people of a person, and that person is Jesus, but what we know about Jesus, we know from a book, and that book is the New Testament. We believe the New Testament is inspired by God, God speaking to us, the Creator revealing his mind to his creatures.

Because the New Testament is a foundation. Other ideas about spirituality come and go like fads, but the New Testament has been handed down generation after generation and is a foundation on which we can rest solid.

Because the New Testament, along with the rest of the Bible, is sufficient for us. "Sola scriptura", scripture alone, was the slogan of the reformers. The Bible is not the only thing, we read, of course. We are always reading and always learning. But the Bible is authoritative in a way that no other writing is authoritative, and there is no need to look elsewhere. Don't be expecting a sequel. The New Testament, along with the rest of the Bible, is sufficient.

Because the New Testament can transform us. The number of people whose lives have been changed for the better while reading the Bible is more than you would imagine. We are all the people in the Bible, at one time or another. We find ourselves in the Bible, and we find examples of how God can change us for the good.

In the end, what we think about the Bible does not matter, because we don't judge the Bible. The Bible judges us. The Bible challenges us. Take the New Testament Challenge.

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