The Passing of the Years

One bad habit many of us have developed over the last several months is the habit of passivity. It is understandable. We don't go anywhere, because wherever we are going may be closed. We don't train for events, because the events may be cancelled. We don't build friendships because people may be avoiding us. It is understandable that many of us have become passive. But it is not good. And it is not what God wants.

This Sunday we will be looking at a lesson from the Book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes is God's manual for life. It tells us that we can not be sure of the future, but we should not allow that to keep us from living today. We need to make plans, even if we can not be sure which plans will work out. We will be held accountable for the good things in life that we failed to enjoy. And God intends us to be active, not passing, in living the life he gave us.

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