The Victory of Life Over Death

The Gospel of John tells the story of the resurrection of Jesus differently. The difference is subtle, but not insignificant. In the other gospels, the women go to the tomb on Easter morning just after dawn. As the Gospel of John tells the story, the women go to the tomb while it is still dark.

Easter is the victory of life over death. It is the vindication of Jesus, and his way of mercy and forgiveness and non-violence. It is the assurance of eternal life for all who believe. It is the promise of a second chance for all who need one. It is the triumph of God, of good over evil, of right over wrong, of life over death.

And it all happens in the dark. It happens gradually, subtly, beyond our notice, until such time as we come to believe, and we then live with confidence, with faith, with certainty, trusting that God is in charge, and that all will be well.

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